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Ethical Technology Initiative

Humanity is in the midst of vast technological changes that will affect every aspect of human life and the world that we live in.

We are “virtually” entering into territory in which the boundaries between human beings and machines will become ever more blurred through artificial intelligence and robotics, which demands reflection on “what does being human really mean?

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Berkshire-Columbia Investment Network

Berkshire Columbia Investment NetworkChristopher Schaefer has partnered with a number of individuals, including Rich Lumma and Robin Zeamer, to create the Berkshire-Columbia Investment Network to facilitate a conversation between local, sustainable businesses in need of financing with local investors seeking to get a reasonable return on their money while supporting the growth of the local institutions. Current institutions include Berkshire Organics, Ooma Tesoro’s (Marinara) Sauce, and the Stanton Home Life Sharing Community. For more information, click here to visit their website or here to email Christopher Schaefer.

The Art of Administration and Leadership in Waldorf Schools

Leading with Spirit logoChristopher Schaefer is on the core faculty for Leading with Spirit, a part-time, two-year professional development program designed to support administrative leadership in Waldorf Schools and Collaborative Institutions across the continent. The Hawthorne Valley Alkion Center is one of the three host locations. More information can be found at the Leading with Spirit website.

Foreign Translations

Partnerships of Hope imagePartnerships of Hope: Building Waldorf School Communities (Waldorf Publications) by Christopher Schaefer has been translated into Chinese and is being sold through Beijing Spring Valley and other distributors.

Steinerian-Economics300x460-264x400Steinerian Economics (Adonis Press) by Gary Lamb and Sarah Hearn is being translated into Chinese by a Waldorf-related foundation in Taiwan.

Social Mission imageSocial Mission of Waldorf Education (Waldorf Publications) by Gary Lamb is being translated into Italian by the Istituto per la Tripartizione.