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BDA First Organization to Sponsor a 2014 Credere Grant

The Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association (BDA) has become the first organization to sponsor a 2014 Credere micro-grant offered by the Hawthorne Valley Center for Social Research (CSR).

The 2014 Credere grants will support individual and group initiatives that foster the development of innovative ways to express and employ empathy in personal, institutional, and community life, including the fields of:

  • Art
  • Education
  • Therapy, Group Facilitation
  • Agriculture and Food Supply Systems
  • Local or Regional Politics

For each sponsorship donation of $600 to $1,000, CSR will offer a Credere grant in the range of $1,200 to $2,000 (thanks to the matching grant) listing the donor as the main sponsor. The total amount of sponsorship donations that will be matched is limited to $5,000.

The BDA donation of $600 in support of the Credere grants will enable CSR to offer a $1,200 Credere micro grant in the field of agriculture and food supply systems in the Northeast.

For more information, visit the Credere webpage, or contact Gary Lamb via email or phone 518-672-4465 x 223.