Freedom, Equality, Altruism

“From Early Childhood to a Great Age:” Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of Education and Cultural Life

A presentation by Gary Lamb.

Open to all attendees of the WECAN early childhood educators conference, The Healing Power of Language and Story.

We as a society are about to face a tsunami of technological innovations and inventions in every aspect of life. Technology companies are eager for these changes to happen as fast as possible, especially in the field of education. The Federal Government is helping to pave the way by promoting common core learning standards and diluting parental rights concerning student data collection.

In this session will examine the history of education reform in relation to technology, what is in the works now and the near future, and what even independent Waldorf school communities, starting with the youngest children, can expect to face as a result. Through conversation, we will also explore what we need to do to contend with these imminent societal changes as Waldorf teachers, parents, and schools, and as a movement. References will be made to Rudolf Steiner’s ideas about educational freedom, parental rights, and a threefold society.

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When: Thu, Feb 11 @ tba
Where: Spring Valley, NY 10977
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