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Presentation: US Education Reform

US ED REFORM POSTEROur Children Deserve Better than What Big Business and the Federal Government Are Planning For Our Children

Presentation with Slides by Gary Lamb

This is a work-in-progress research presentation on the push for national Common Core learning standards, high takes testing, digital education, gaming universes, artificial intelligence mentors, and student data mining that is being promoted by the federal and state governments and major U.S. corporations and foundations.

The early stages of these reforms are being incorporated in regulations attached to Federal funding programs. However, their implementation is being opposed by a growing number of parents and educators in New York State and around the country.

Such measures have the potential of affecting children in all types of schools. It is important that citizens concerned about parental rights, child health, and educational and cultural freedom become aware of what is taking place. Equally important is to know what can and is being done to develop a balanced education policy that honors the rights of parents, ensures creative freedom for teachers, and supports the healthy development of all children for all aspects of life.

This research project is being conducted under the auspices of the Avalon Initiative, an education think tank co-sponsored by the Hawthorne Valley Center for Social Research and the Research Institute for Waldorf Education. To learn more about the Avalon Initiative, visit our website or Facebook page.

No charge for admission. Donations to support the work of the Avalon Initiative are welcome.

When: Tue, Feb 9 @ 7:15 to 9pm
Where: Free Columbia Space on Main
84 Main St, Philmont, NY
Contact: For further information, contact Gary Lamb at If the weather appears to be prohibitive, call 518-672-4465 x223, for a possible cancellation message.