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Steinerian Economics explored in new book by Lamb and Hearn

Steinerian Economics: A Compendium, edited by Gary Lamb and Sarah Hearn, is a new collection of Steiner’s main ideas about the soul and economic life. Information is drawn from about 40 books and arranged in 11 thematic chapters, with chapter titles ranging from “Social and Antisocial forces in the Human Being and Social Life” to “Credit.”

Lamb, Co-Director of the Hawthorne Valley Center for Social Research, and Hearn, a research associate with the Center, put the book together to be helpful both for people who don’t know anything about Steiner’s ideas, and for people who are well versed in them and want to go deeper. The book contains a lot of things not easily available in the English-speaking world.

In a recent interview with John Mason of the Register Star, Lamb described Steiner’s economic approach as “associative, collaborative between all the sectors within the economy. It’s a much more conscious approach to making economic decisions than is typically related to the unregulated market, where there’s market forces determining a lot of prices, resource allocation …Steiner was very keen on the conscious approach, led by the participants in the economy.”

Steinerian Economics is published by Adonis Press, a branch of Hawthorne Valley Association. It can be purchased locally at the Hawthorne Valley Farm Store and the Hawthorne Valley School store, Turose. Paperback and pdf versions are available online at

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