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Steinerian Economics: A New Work Edited by Gary Lamb and Sarah Hearn

A new, comprehensive collection of Rudolf Steiner’s statements on economics, compiled from all of his works currently available in English. This is an indispensable resource for all those who wish to acquaint themselves with his view of economics. Edited by Gary Lamb and Sarah Hearn.

Rudolf Steiner is known as having inspired Waldorf education and biodynamic agriculture and as the founder of anthroposophy, a modern form of spiritual science.

However, few people today know that he also developed a comprehensive view of social life. One of his central insights was that human society as a whole encompasses three interdependent realms – spiritual-cultural, political, and economic – each with its own inherent function. Within this context, Steiner developed a unique and bold approach to economics, often referred to as associative economics. It portrays an economy that is collaborative, interdependent, and serves the real needs of consumers.

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